Maison de la Chantilly

For a few days, Paris was filled with sunshine and blue skies and it nearly felt like Spring had arrived…and then, the chilly winds and grey clouds returned. After a short walk through the Champ de Mars and a stop at Cler Fleurs, I decided to pass by Maison de la Chantilly to warm up, because chocolate is always a good idea.DSC_1710-©BrandieRaasch-x1200DSC_1659-©BrandieRaasch-x1500

As their specialty is Chantilly crème, it was a given I had to take a chocolat viennois. But, why stop there? So I also chose one of their beautiful pastries (you can never have too much chocolate, right?).

DSC_1715-©BrandieRaasch-x1500DSC_1713-©BrandieRaasch-x1124DSC_1704-©BrandieRaasch-x1200The chocolate is not as thick as what you’ll find at Angelina’s or Carette, but it had a nice milk chocolate flavor and it didn’t leave me feeling too heavy. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good, rich, thick hot chocolate, but more often than not it is so decadent that I can’t finish.DSC_1670-©BrandieRaasch-x1500DSC_1685-©BrandieRaasch-x1124The whipped Chantilly crème is delicious (I could probably eat just a cup of it alone!) and

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