Château de Chardonneux

In France, beautiful châteaux dot the countryside and it is not uncommon to find that many French families own their very own charming château.

DSC_3060-©BrandieRaasch-x1500Such is the case with the Mr., whose family has a lovely château near Le Mans, le Château de Chardonneux. I’ve been a few times now and am mesmerized every time by the French country charm of this beautiful home. Sadly they’ll be leaving it soon so I just had to snap some photos on my latest visit. This place truly feels like something out of a fairytale, with a tree-lined, gated entrance, surrounded by a little canal and leading to a large pond at the back of the property, it’s absolutely perfect.DSC_3128-©BrandieRaasch-x1124DSC_3148-©BrandieRaasch-x1124DSC_3094-©BrandieRaasch-x1500

Everything feels so relaxed, surrounded by nature, it’s such a refreshing change from the busy city streets of Paris to spend a nice weekend away here. Plus, the company is so lovely, I don’t think I could ask for better hosts!DSC_3076-©BrandieRaasch-x1124DSC_3117-©BrandieRaasch-x1500DSC_3101-©BrandieRaasch-x1124DSC_3057-©BrandieRaasch-x1124DSC_3150-©BrandieRaasch-x150020150913_181232-01-©BrandieRaasch-x1124DSC_3173-©BrandieRaasch-x1124


  1. Thanks a lot for this very charming description and the very nice pictures
    .You’ll be welcome anytme….
    C and M.

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