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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the lovely seaside city of Deauville for some exciting shooting with the Deauville tourism board, as well as Hermès, for stories featured on  Located in the Normandy region of France and only a two-hour train ride away from Paris, visiting Deauville is a nice little trip to get out of the city for a weekend at the beach!

DSC_4492-©BrandieRaasch-x1500Upon arrival I checked into my home for the night, 81 Hotel, located on a charming street with several old homes that have been turned into hotels. I loved the architecture here which looks like a combination of Anglo-Norman styles.DSC_5139-©BrandieRaasch-x1124


After getting settled in I got to work with PC’s editor beginning a full day of shooting starting with Hèrmes. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already have a seen a peek at one of the amazing bags I got to shoot.DSC_4809-©BrandieRaasch-x1500


First shoot down we made our way to the city center, filled with lovely cafés, restaurants and of course, shopping. In fact, Coco Chanel’s first boutique was opened in Deauville. I could probably spend a day just browsing the boutiques but limited time and a shooting schedule probably saved my bank account! Then I had my first look at the famous plage de Deauville with brightly colored parasols blanketing sections of beach.Wandering back through the streets of the city to discover more of the architecture and charm was a lovely end to the first day.DSC_5089-2©BrandieRaasch-x1124DSC_5089-©BrandieRaasch-x1500

DSC_4458-2©BrandieRaasch-x1124DSC_4295-©BrandieRaasch-x1124DSC_4613-©BrandieRaasch-x1124Day two was a whirlwind tour of Deauville with many sites to see in a short time. Starting with a stroll through the antiques market that lead to the famed hippodrome.DSC_4662-©BrandieRaasch-x1124

DSC_4638-©BrandieRaasch-x1124Next I was taken to visit one of Deauville’s historic residences, Villa Strassburger. I was lucky enough to have a private tour of the villa, built in the early 20th century. Seeing the amazing architecture in any city has become something I really enjoy so it was fantastic to get to see this stunning property. Now owned by the city of Deauville, the space can be rented out for events. I can just imagine a gorgeous outdoor wedding here.DSC_4796-©BrandieRaasch-x1500DSC_4781-©BrandieRaasch-x1124


Definitely some #ihavethisthingwithfloors moments here. The design was really stunning in some of the interior tile work.DSC_4747-©BrandieRaasch-x1124

Old issues of fashion magazines decorated one of Madame Strassburger’s salons and I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of the covers.


Back in the city center I stopped into the beautiful Normandy Barrière for a peek at one of the incredible five-star hotels which also happens to have a lovely bar to stop into for a drink but it was on to lunch for me!DSC_4884-©BrandieRaasch-x1500DSC_4898-©BrandieRaasch-x1124To end an amazing tour of the city I passed through the market in the city center. When I can (or I should say when I feel like waking early enough on a Sunday) I love browsing the Bastille market as it happens to be in my arrondissement in Paris, and although I didn’t need to do any shopping for fresh fruits or vegetables on this trip, it’s always so nice to have a look and maybe even come up with new ideas for dinner!




DSC_4851-©BrandieRaasch-x1500Departure time not far off I got one last look at the lovely beach and to finish the last bit of shooting. Although it was a little too chilly to dip into the seaside waters, I can’t wait for a return visit so that I can take full advantage of the summer sun. DSC_4428-©BrandieRaasch-x1124

The boardwalk is famous, lined with the names of actors and directors with one new name added each year during the film festival.DSC_5087-©BrandieRaasch-x1124DSC_5097-2©BrandieRaasch-1124DSC_5171-©BrandieRaasch-x1124A little tip: if you take a drive up the winding hilltop roads you’ll find a spectacular view of Deauville all the way to the sea. It was truly such a wonderful first visit and I’ll definitely look to Deauville the next time I’m looking for a quick weekend escape from the city.

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